Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th - Just another day...


So we have lived in West Virginia for over five years now, I am still amazed at how much "country folk" love their fireworks.  It has really been July 4th around here since mid-May and somehow I don't see an end in sight.  Just what we need, crazy drunk mountain men with fireworks!

Well unfortunately, Lucianna had a tougher day than normal.  She did not get around very easily and requested to be carried frequently today.  At one point she was scooting along on her bottom since I think getting up and down was just too difficult but hey, scooting is pretty fun!   Her spirits were good; she was joking, being silly and having fun playing with Bella. She spent a lot of time sitting and playing in one spot.  

I chose to work from home today, and got quite a bit done which was great! I did this so that I could "bank the holiday" in case I need a day off for a doctors appointment down the road.  Lucianna's condition has made me think of a lot of things, including how little sick time I get at my job and how fast it can be spent with a situation like this.  Daddy had to work it was just like any other day for us.  Sort of a boring day but doing anything active was just not in Lucianna's capacity, not to mention, it was about 98 degree's out!  Blaauuacck!  Fireworks?  Well my girls are usually asleep by 8:30pm, but next year, come hell or high water, we will see fireworks together as a family!  I am so excited to see their expression with the first burst in the sky!

Tomorrow makes 5 weeks since her symptoms started to appear and quite frankly, they can disappear any time - because I am done!!!  I hope tomorrow proves to be a more comfortable and active day for her - I miss seeing her run.

Have a safe rest of your holiday...fireworks are ending here soon. Hooray!

Lucianna's Mommy

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  1. Looking forward to seeing her run too! I hope subsequent days have been a little easier. :(


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