Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hooray! It was a false alarm!

Hi friends and family!

We are shocked but absolutely thrilled to report that we had a false alarm!  Lucianna's eyes are still holding steady, (1 cell in the left eye), and she is NOT flaring!   The ophthalmologist says that she could be experiencing the pain, itchiness and redness because of the dryness in the air and the use of a humidifier!  Whewweeeeee!  I am so relieved.

Thank you all for such awesome support!  It sounds like the meds are working: .7 mls of Methotrexate administered orally each Friday night and Meriva Cucumin, 1/3 of a capsule mixed with her folic acid and applesauce each day.  For those reading who have a child with Uveitis, you can buy the Meriva Curcumin on Amazon.  I am now starting to believe that the Curcumin, along with the Methotrexate, might be keeping Lucianna's eyes stabilized.  Our next appt is in April and I am hopeful that at that appointment Lucianna will be completely inflammation free!

On Thursday, January 9th she visits her Rheumatologist - she is physically showing no signs of inflammation in her joints, so this appointment should be a piece of cake!

Happy 2014!

Lucianna's Proud and Relieved Mama

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