Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Next hurdle jumped...

Dear friends and family,

I meant to update our blog last Tuesday after the appt with Dr. B, but the week got away from me!  At Lucianna's eye check up last Tuesday, her left eye was clear.  So the increase in the Methotrexate seems to be working as well as the addition of steroid drops.  So we are told to wean the drops and discontinue after August 19th.  The trick here is weaning her off the drops and waiting to see if the Methotrexate can hold back the inflammation.  I am grateful that her eyes respond to the steroids and the Methotrexate is effective, as some children's eyes either aren't responsive or they can't tolerate the Methotrexate.  We are lucky on both accounts!

The next update will be around middle of October.  That will be the true test to see that the Methotrexate alone, can keep the inflammation at bay. 

Have a great rest of your summer!

Lucianna's Mom
(The picture above was at the hospital.  Not staged, not planned...but perfect.)

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