Monday, October 29, 2012

Wax lips - what better medicine!?!?

Dear Friends and family,

This photo is the girl's first experience with wax lips...a childhood favorite of mine during the Halloween season!  Despite the severe storm we are expecting, we did indeed have her weekly eye appt this morning.  I was not excited about her and her Daddy driving in this weather, but we needed to be sure she hasn't taken a turn for the worst.  Uveitis can have many ups and downs over the years...

We are pleased to share that her eyes are continuing to improve.   We are still attempting to wean her off the steroid drops and are looking forward to the appointment that we are told, "she can discontinue them".  The risk of these drops can do the same damage as the Uveitis eye disease itself (impaired vision or loss of vision altogether)...but we can't "not" do anything.  We are "realistic" about the disease and the fact that she may be improving now, but there is no guarantee that this is her only episode/flare.  She can have many of them, unfortunately.  Nonetheless, we are cautiously optimistic!

So today, we count our blessings and feel grateful for all the love and support of our friends and family.  A special thanks to the Calico Cottage family for supporting us for the Jingle Bell Arthritis walk.  It says so much about the wonderful people who work with Lucianna's "Nonna" and opened their wallets to show their love and support.  We love you all.

Wishing safety and continued "electricity" to our family and friends in WV, VA, PA, MD, NJ & NY.

Update:  Halloween was a great night!  Both the girls did well, we pushed Lucianna from door to door in her stroller and she walked up each side walk by herself.  She just needed some assistance getting up and down the steps to the front doors of homes.  We were very proud of her and Bella was a great helper!  Their choices out of their Halloween candy bags:  Fruit snacks (both girls), candy corn for Bella and Twizzlers for Lucianna. 

"Flower Princess with Wings" and a "Scary Ghost!"

Much love,
Lucianna's Mommy

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