Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another great week at the eye doctors!

Overalls on kids...enough said.

Hi everyone,

Just an update that Lucianna's weekly eye appointment went very well today. One eye is "almost inflammation free" and the other eye is "greatly improved". The ophthalmologist says that the addition of the Methotrexate is likely the reason her eyes have done so well in such a "short period", (I personally think a month is a long period). Nonetheless, we are very happy and hope that by our next appointment we can discontinue the drops and just go into a "monitor & watch" phase.

Just for reference: once we get her eyes "quiet", we have to continue to monitor her because the Uveitis can creep back at any time for unknown reasons. Sometimes it happens when you try to wean from MTX, sometimes, it's for no reason at all. She will only be out of the woods for good when she is over the age of 16 - so we take baby steps and just be grateful for each good appointment! We are deeply thankful that her eyes have been responsive to steroid eye drugs - many kids eyes don't respond to the drops and they have to get an IV infusion of much stronger drugs. Her daddy and I feel a lot of relief and encouragement today! Hooray!

Thank you all for the cards, emails, prayers and well wishes...they are working!!!!

Our next appointment is next Friday, Oct. 12th.


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