Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carival rides bring smiling eyes...

Friends & Family-

In an effort to remind everyone that in spite of these two nasty diseases that life does go on, we are posting some pictures of fun we had this past weekend.  Lucianna's physical limitations and rigorous medicine schedule are tough to work around in order to go out for the day, but we have fallen into our "new normal" and have learned how to make it work.

This is her second week on Methotrexate and she did great.  The relief from this drug could take up to 6 weeks to witness.   She wasn't grumpy on Saturday at all.  However, Bella decided to fill that 'academy award winning role'.  Argggg.  Can't we all just get along?

So this past weekend the girls visited their Grandma and Papa, (my parents), and we spent Saturday at a fun carnival/festival.  I mean seriously..toothless, country boys, herding our children onto a metal car that goes around in circles for 45 seconds...what's more fun than that?!?! 

Enjoy the photo's!
Lucianna's Proud Mommy

This picture speaks volumes to the resiliency of a child...

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