Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fast Walkin' - caught on video!

She always has a smile...or she sticks out her tongue.

--------Video's Attached, you may only be able to see it on the blog site though.------

Dear family and friends,

We have had to share bad news to over the last few months...I want to reserve this blog entry for something fun, uplifting and encouraging!

Despite the Uveitis diagnosis last Tuesday, this kid has been AMAZING!  She takes her hourly eye drops like a pro and never complains.   She stops what's she's doing and doesn't even give us a peep! We have weaned her off getting an hourly jelly bean with her drops and now she only gets a candy treat at night - Nonna....send more pez refills!!!  Anyway, the point of this blog entry is that Lucianna's once stiff, painful legs that had her on the couch for most of the month of July, and some of August, has been replaced with very capable "fast walker"...she's really showing off here (and I love it).

Her Rheumatologist did say the Uveitis would be our primary concern and the arthritis should get less and less bothersome. I wonder if this is exactly he means or this is a miracle coincidence?  *Her rheumatologist says that her long term issue would be the Uveitis and that we would see an increase in her mobility.  It basically means the illness has taken a different course.  I still like seeing her be able to dance, run and play.

Whatever the case may be, this weekend we were met by my dear friends Carrie, Skylar and Diana who brought us up casserole dishes galore for us to freeze and use on those tougher weeks.   Everything from french toast breakfast casseroles to dinner casseroles/lasgana's, Paula Deen soups, you name it.    They spent the night, helped me out...made me laugh...they were wonderful.  I can't thank them enough.

So let's end on all the smiles we had over the weekend:

Love, Lucianna

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