Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update- Eye Dr appt moved to Friday, 9/28

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH UPDATE:  The ophthalmologist has confirmed that her eyes are improving!  She is now listed as having "moderate" Uveitis, no longer "severe" - I can't wait to hear that it's, "mild".  (We are so exicted.)  So she is still responding to the drops, which is great news! Her dosage has schedule changed as well - she moves from hourly drops in each eye, to 2 drops, each eye, every 2 hours.  HOORAY!  We are very encouraged that she is continuing to improve! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012:

Dear Family & Friends-

Our eye doctors office called today to express their concern about us waiting until October 4th for our next appt. (We were waiting that long because there were no other appointments available.)  The main doctor in the practice feels it's too long to wait; our current doctor is out of the country. Well, we found out that indeed they do have open appointments, but we would just have to go to their other office further from our home - which we are willing to do.  So they requested we come in tomorrow, Friday, September 28 at 11:15am.  Daddy is taking her to the appointment and I will be at work biting my nails off.

Here is what I hope to hear:
  • She is responding very well to the drops.
  • She has no residual eye damage. 
  • Her Uveitis is calming down and getting better.
  • We can discontinue drops at "such time" or decrease the frequency.
I will post an update within this blogpost as soon as I know something.

My fingers are crossed...

Lucianna's proud Mama

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