Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hoping it's nothing...

Dear friends and family,

After a nice long visit with family in Long Island, we are home but now headed back to the eye doctors.  Yesterday, and again today, Lucianna has complained that her right eye hurts.  The right eye is not the problematic eye but we can't ignore any complaints with her eyes, so off we go.   Any visual changes in her eyes, or complaints from her about pain requires an immediate visit to the ophthalmologist.  She was last seen in April and we were advised at that time to increase her Methotrexate that she takes orally once a week in hopes of getting the inflammation in the left eye under control.  We are hoping that the increased dose is enough to quiet the eyes and we were scheduled to come back June 12th to check her status.  However, tomorrow, instead of going to Baltimore, which is an all-day appointment, we are going to the ophthalmologist that's about 40 mins from home to have her examine Lucianna first.  If Dr. S happens to see a change from our last examine in April with Dr. D, we will likely be heading to Dr. D next.

Our appointment is at 9am and could take 3-4 hours so I will post again with the results.  Feel free to text me if you like.

As if we didn't have enough health issues on our hands:  Bella has had a heart murmur since birth. She was seen at Children's when she was 18 months old and had an EKG.  The cardiologist said she has a murmur that isn't serious and that she will eventually grow out of.  Well, she's nearly 6 years old and it's as strong as ever, most noticeable when she has chest congestion (which is now with her seasonal allergies), so her pediatrician wants her rechecked again.  That appointment is this Friday.  When it rains, it pours, but we are rolling with the bumps!

I am very grateful that I am not working right now so that I can devote 100% of my attention to these appointments and keeping my girls healthy!

Lucianna & Bella's Proud Mama

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