Monday, July 15, 2013

Cardiology Update - Miss Bella

I never thought I would be using Lucianna's blog to update you on Bella who is typically the vision of health!

The update on Bella's abnormal EKG:   The very, very good news:  Bella doesn't not have either of the two life threatening conditions that were being considered in her possible diagnosis with the abnormal EKG taken at the ER last Thursday.  <big sigh of relief>.

That leaves us 3 other situations:  1. that it was just a fluke related to her being sick or 2. possibly some inflammation occurring near her heart but that's unlikely since these are caused by Rheumatic diseases that take a lot longer time to fester.  The last condition is called, Supraventricular Tachycardia .This condition occurs when there is an extra nerve in the heart that causes the electrical system to not work properly causing an irregular or fast beating heart and a fast pulse.  Because I didn't get a pulse rate (bad mommy), when the episode was happening, we can't fully be sure the problem is SVT.  SVT occurs or rears it's ugly head, at times of physical when you are sick, drinking too much caffeine, too much mountain dew, or chocolate.  None of these fit Bella -except being sick.  These heart palpitations come on quickly and can resolve within a few minutes or a few hours.  They usually come back, but there is no clear answer on the could happen in a cluster or not for years - but again at a time when there is physical vulnerability.  SVT is typically not life threatening.  Treatment is a beta-blocker or surgery of the heart done with a catheter through the leg to remove the part of the heart causing the issues.

Her cardiologist has ordered an ECHO, and it is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/17.  After the ECHO, we can be assured that the only other thing to watch for is SVT.  Then we just watch and wait.  They want me to get a stethoscope and I need to practice taking heart rates and get comfortable and good at it.  If she has another episode of irregular heart palpitations,  I get the rate and if it's over 160, go directly to the ER.  At that time, we will be given a heart rate device that Bella wears all the time so that we get a good measurement with the next episode.  Then the activity is recorded and we know for sure what's going on.

So once we get an echocardiogram that looks normal, then we know the only other thing it COULD be is the SVT.  And SVT is something there is treatment for!

So we watch and wait and take it one day at time!

Much love,
Bella's Mom

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