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July 4th

Abigail let me borrow this!
Dear friends and family,

I have gotten a few texts and emails asking about Lucianna's health and wanted to post something just to keep everyone updated.  Currently, we are in a waiting game to see if the latest increase in the Methotrexate drug has eliminated the inflammation that persists in her left eye.  We are also giving her Curcumin (Meriva brand), that we learned through a medical study has shown to assist those with Uveitis.  We don't know if it'll work, but her ophthalmologist says that it won't hurt.  I haven't heard her complain about her eyes and I haven't seen redness, (knock on wood).  The only eye issue she has is significant sensitivity to light.  When outside, she wears sunglasses everywhere she goes.  She is practically unable to open her eyes without sunglasses.  We have had a busy summer so far- lots of playdates/sleepovers, a visit to NY in May, June and July.  Swimming lessons,(the first round of two weeks worth) and our first "cousins vacation" to Sesame Place!  Lucianna's mobility is awesome.  She tires out when doing long or strenuous walks, (but so would I!) We still keep her stroller close at hand for those scenario's and so far she seems completely comfortable jumping in it when it's needed.

Do you mind sharing that?
At present, both girls are sick.  Bella has Strep Throat and Lucianna has a stomach virus.  It has been a very exciting couple of days for us!  I don't know a mom out there who handles projectile vomiting with ease.  Now about Bella: without going into a long story that could be a mute point, we are also taking some steps to double check a heart issue that Bella had this week.  Basically she had a rapid heartbeat that caused me enough concern that I took her to the ER.  Once there, she was much better but we chose to have an EKG anyway at the recommendation of the ER doctor (who was awesome).  The EKG came back abnormal and the ER doctor wants us to follow up with a pediatric cardiologist on Monday - our appt is 1:40pm.  At this point, I am not allowing myself to panic - there's just no time in the schedule to panic.  My gut tells me it's nothing and right now, that's going to have to suffice.  She is playing and acting like her usual self.  Lucianna however is green - lol...but tomorrow is another day and hopefully she'll be feeling back to her old self tomorrow!
Riding the swings with Mommy!

If I don't post anything next week or you don't get an email/text, consider Bella A-OK.  :)  As for Miss L, we will know August 21st if there has been an improvement in her eyes.

We hope all of you are enjoying your summer and staying cool!

Lucianna's Mom

"Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty,
and sometimes attract pests."  - author unknown
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